Hey there! This is the space on my site set aside to tell you a little about myself. So here goes… I was born at a very early age and have spent the majority of the rest of my life trying to find myself and work out what ts all about. Like most of us, I’m still on that journey.

After studying photography at college, I ended up spending most of my working life in the financial services industry. but I always had spells behind the camera either shooting for fun or working freelance as a second job. I spent a few years shooting sport for publication in National newspapers and syndication through agencies. As well as Fashion, Corporate headshots, events and product photography.

I’ve now cast aside the security of my previous career (yeah I’m crazy I know) and have thrown myself back into the uncertain world of Photography.

So if you are in need of a photographer for commercial projects, corporate portraits and headshots, events, product shots or action and sports. Please take a look around and if you would like to discuss a booking, commission or project, please get in touch.


Thanks to Francesc Montero for the image above, go check him out on instagram @francescmonterophoto